Almost all companies struggle at times to create new content for websites, social media, newsletters, and more. It might be lack of time to create content, or maybe even a lack of ability to find qualified help to create that content (particularly if your content is technical in nature). How can you bust through the roadblocks that keep you from becoming a content generating machine?

  • Keep an idea list—You might not always have time to act on a great content idea when it occurs to you, but hopefully you keep an idea list handy to capture your inspiration when the moment hits. Later on when you settle down to create you will have a ready list of ideas to choose from.
  • Schedule time to create content—If you don’t schedule time to create content, it simply will not happen magically. Perhaps a few minutes during your commute to dictate ideas on your cell phone to share with a writer later is what works best for you. Maybe scheduling a recurring appointment each week to create content is your answer. Perhaps taking an afternoon each quarter to output as much content as you can for the next 12 weeks is the best approach for you. Like any good habit it won’t happen if we wait for the mood to strike. You have to proactively schedule time to be creative.
  • Keep some pieces simple—Each and every content piece you create doesn’t need to include an in-depth white paper full of research and detail. Even the most serious of industries can occasionally get by with spontaneous images, target audience appropriate humor, or sharing relevant industry content to provide variety.
  • Hire help—If you hate writing, then hire a writer. Find a resource who can help you create a brief video, images, text, etc. based upon your ideas. Not everyone enjoys creating content, but perhaps you have the ideas that are most relevant to your audience. Find a network of professionals to help you bring the ideas to fruition. This can be difficult when your content is very technical in nature, so you’ll have to take extra care in hiring. But think of it this way—the more time you spend vetting a source to assist, the less time you must spend with the tedious assignment of creating the content yourself.
  • Break out of your shell—The world is full of horrible content that is simplified garbage and you don’t want to contribute to that mess. Be yourself and speak to your people. Find relevant topics, speak frankly, and pursue ideas that haven’t been overdone. If you are in a content creating role you should know what will resonate with your audience. Go with it and have a little fun along the way.