What is it?

Advertising is any paid placement of your company’s message. This can include the expected ads in traditional media as well as digital advertising.

Why would you use it?

Why would you use it? Advertising is used to help spread your message quickly to a large audience, or to deliver the message to a very specific audience in certain situations. Advertising is one tactic that might be part of your marketing mix, but advertising alone is not marketing. Most business to business marketers use a small amount of advertising or opt for very targeted advertising.

Advertising can increase the exposure of your messaging quickly and effectively when done right.

Use Cases

Companies can use advertising for employment ads, digital ads that re-target individuals who have visited the company website, boosted or targeted social media posts, trade journal ads, and other ad opportunities as they fit the goals of the advertising campaign. Ads might be offered for image development, to recognize sponsorship, or for many other opportunities.