Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

What is it?

What is it? A customer relationship manager is typically a software designed to do just as the title suggests, manage customer relationships. There are many different software options on the market to accomplish this and some tend to have a sales focus while others have more rich features for marketing and marketing automation.

Why would you use it?

Why would you use it? A customer relationship manager helps a business keep track of contacts, leads, and customers in a single database allowing for much more complete and efficient communications with customers.

Centralize customer information and communications when you use a Customer Relationship Manager.

Use Cases

The list is ever-growing, but you can use a CRM to track a sales pipeline, centralize and record customer communications, set reminders for important dates or events, keep notes on results of calls, create nurturing automated campaigns, collect feedback, trigger sales team follow up based upon lead or customer behavior, and so much more. Sales and marketing are related and having a CRM in place can help convert those leads your marketing efforts have brought in to sales.