Social Media

What is it?

What is it? Social media includes network websites such as facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many others.

Why would you use it?

B2B marketers often think that social media is not for them, particularly outside of LinkedIn. Social media presence does not help with SEO, but it can help new audiences have exposure to your company. Each network has its focus and you may have a use for some networks over another. Social media offers the ability to very specifically target individuals based upon certain criteria and is an excellent and inexpensive place to advertise.

Social media is an important tool for all marketers, including B2B.

Use Cases

Social media can be used for advertising, sharing updates, and provides an easy way to regularly promote content from your website or other interesting sources. It is acceptable to pre-set social media updates with an automation system (such as Hootsuite), but adding in a mix of spontaneous posts helps keep social networks feeling real and attached to everyday operations at your company. Even though you are a B2B company, people still work with people, and sharing some personality via social media provides a personal touch at times.