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Maybe you’ve been trying all kinds of different marketing tactics, maybe you have just thought about it, but now you are ready to focus your efforts and work toward a specific marketing goal. After a no cost consultation, Marketing Edge is likely to suggest beginning with research and planning, developing a marketing plan, or staff support through mentoring or training to begin this journey.

Do you have lots of ideas, but they aren’t getting done? This is very common and after a no cost consultation Marketing Edge is likely to suggest creating a marketing plan or working with us to assist in implementing and accomplishing the marketing tactics themselves.

Have your marketing materials and activities gotten stale? Do you need to refresh your plans and your materials? After a no cost consultation, Marketing Edge will make specific suggestions on where to focus your efforts, how much to budget, and help accomplish your goals.

Sometimes a company anniversary, a new location, award, or other major accomplishment prompts a renewed or increased interest in marketing. Do you have a special reason to make improvements in your marketing now? Contact Marketing Edge for a no cost consultation to learn what services are a fit for you.

When your professional firm wants a professional marketing director, but runs a lean administrative team, Marketing Edge fills the role with a seasoned B2B Marketing Executive to direct and implement your marketing plan on a part-time or as-needed basis.

Sometimes your internal staff is overwhelmed with other duties or maybe their marketing skills could be helped by training, mentoring, or developing a marketing system that can be followed and implemented to save time and maximize accomplishments. No matter what kind of assistance your internal staff requires, Marketing Edge can tailor a short term or long term solution to accomplish your goals.

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89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process.

Source: Google


31% of tech marketers say their content marketing is extremely or very successful.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Our Services

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A solid foundation for a strategic marketing plan is built upon relevant research. This could include competitive analysis, target market identification, specific leads, strategic opportunities, industry trends, and other specialized research. Common questions clients of Marketing Edge have include:

  • Who should we be marketing to?
  • How do we expand into a new geographic market?
  • Which marketing automation platform would be the best for our business?
  • What is a buyer persona and what are mine?
  • Am I spending on the right marketing initiatives?

Strategic Marketing Plan Development

A strategic marketing plan includes specific marketing methods which are tied to objectives, timelines, budgets, and work assignments.

Get the best buy for your marketing dollars when you utilize an experienced firm to create your plan. Marketing Edge LLC will suggest the most outstanding traditional and new opportunities to provide better results than ever before. Each marketing plan is completely individualized to the client.

A marketing plan is a working document consisting of:

  • An implementation schedule
  • Description of activities
  • Editorial calendars or planned blog/social media posts
  • Work assignments
  • Deadlines
  • Budgets

Marketing Materials + Content

Companies and organizations rely on marketing content and materials as vehicles to deliver their company messages. All marketing materials from printed materials to websites and videos to podcasts begin with content and concept development. Before a page is designed or a shoot is framed up, the basics of the communications are determined from goals of the messaging to style and feel of the piece to the creation of the outline and completion of the content. Marketing Edge LLC is experienced at creating content for promotions, corporate communications, public relations, marketing materials, sales documents, and more.

Marketing Management

When your company needs a solution to manage all content, project implementation, public relations campaigns, corporate communications, business development strategies, customer relationship management, and sales strategies, work with Marketing Edge LLC.

A project manager with the proper experience will be assigned to your account and will serve as your company or organization’s marketing department. Your project manager will field all calls and inquiries regarding marketing, provide regular status updates, and complete marketing projects on your behalf.

Marketing System + Process Evaluation

Many businesses feel uncertain about their marketing expenditures or their results. If you want an unbiased third party to review your plan and current activities for evaluation and suggestion of new ideas, call Marketing Edge LLC.

Marketing Edge LLC will review existing materials, plans, goals, and results in order to evaluate the information. Assessment of current activities might include industry norms, results to date, comparison with other firms in the marketplace, identification of the most successful current strategies and suggestions for new opportunities.

Sample client goals might include identifying customer acquisition costs by activity, reducing overall marketing spending, or reallocating budget to more effectively utilize the available dollars.

Training + Mentoring

A quick way to help a new or inexperienced marketing person on your staff improve his or her skills is to hire an experienced marketing professional to teach and mentor this individual. Typically, this service will consist of a project manager from Marketing Edge LLC working with your staff in creating a strategic marketing plan for your company or adjusting an existing marketing plan. Once the plan is completed a schedule of follow up meetings and tasks is set for a duration fitting of the complexity of the plan. Some firms opt to keep Marketing Edge on call to answer specific questions as needed.

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