How Long Does it Take to Create a Marketing Plan?

Many clients wonder how long it will take to create a marketing plan and put it into practice. The truth is, it can be done in just an afternoon if you are looking for a summary and have done your homework, but most organizations are looking for something more in-depth.

Most client marketing plans can be completed within 8-12 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the plan, goals, budget and staff. The process begins with researching the business, existing situation, past initiatives, competition, industry statistics, best customers, target markets and other variables. Specific goals of the marketing plan are developed at this point.

Next, a plan begins to formulate. Most clients work toward an annual marketing plan which details marketing activities, assignments, and budgets over a year. Sometimes clients will create a plan with the intention of best promoting an upcoming event such as a major anniversary, expansion, move, or other significant development.

The plan itself will usually go through several drafts as Marketing Edge LLC works with staff to formalize goals, budgets, assignments, and client approval of ideas.

Most clients have a solid finalized plan by the end of a 12-week period. This time period can be shortened significantly if the marketing plan is event-specific. Alternately, the plan can take significantly longer if a client has a marketing budget over $300,000 or an otherwise complex situation.